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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nokia N80 Mobile Phone Reviews

Nokia N80 Mobile Phone
When it comes to latest technology and innovative features, you would get many superb mobile handsets, but our preferences do vary. Well, most of the time, we look forward to have a mobile phone, which would prove a useful gadget both for our professional and personal life. Well, the Nokia N80 reflects such character and it can easily harmonize your work and personal life. This consummate device has got lot to offer with on-the-go productivity tools, mobile photography and multimedia entertainment—all in one gadget which communicates success.

With the Nokia N80, you can enjoy unparalleled experience of multimedia. Comprising various functionalities of a highly advanced multimedia computer. With its easy to use yet advanced UpnP (Universal Plug and Play), the Nokia N80 would bring a consummate digital home network, as it acts as a remote control and enables you to get convenient access to audio equipment, compatible PCs and TVs.
Respectively, videos and images can be stored on the Nokia N80. All this stuff can be viewed wirelessly on your TV, while listening to music stored via other sources. Printing does get faster with the Nokia N80, you can print without using any wires and just by connecting it to any compatible UpnP enable printer.

Stay connected effectively, as all the necessary things do come with Nokia N80. You would get Infrared connectivity, which is further supported by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It is due to its back up support, you can copy your media easily to your personal computer. Wi-Fi is there to give your desired speed, as you can easily access the Internet at high speed and this would assist you to upload images effortlessly. Furthermore, it also supports quad band and you can stay connected with the whole world anytime, anywhere.

The Nokia N80 is loaded with an inbuilt music player, thus, you can enjoy all sorts of music whenever you want. It comes with substantial memory and you can store enough music on it. Play all your favourite music and just loose yourself with all your cool tracks and by musical ringtones. If that's just a little bit entertainment for you then you can add more by downloading all the latest games and cool tracks. Move on with your personal and professional life with all the added fun.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Nokia N95 Mobile Phone Reviews

Nokia N95
Nokia N95 is a proud member of the hugely popular Nokia N-series. It is equipped with latest technology and various interesting features or you can also call it a portable multimedia computer. Moreover, it comes with other essential factors, which make it a superb gadget such as an excellent display, high-speed connectivity, excellent video and photo capabilities etc. The Nokia N95 is not bigger in size, thus, it can easily fit into your pocket. There are other quality features such as a music player, a digital camera, and PDA navigation.

With Nokia N95, you can treasure all those vivid and special moments. It's excellent camera features allow you to take print quality photos and DVD-like quality video clips. After capturing all the right stuff, you can go on viewing all these video clips and photos by attaching your Nokia N95 with a compatible television with its TV out feature or you can use the Universal Plug.

Nokia N95 also assists you in navigation. You would definitely find navigation easier with Nokia N95, as it comes with a 2-way slide concept. With this feature, you can easily switch between different mode effortlessly and you can easily read maps or watch some videos. On one side of the Nokia N95, you would get a firm yet soft numeric keypad and on the flip side, there are dedicated media keys. Its intuitive interface would give you ultimate viewing experience.

Nokia N95 does come with some cool features to provide you a consummate entertainment experiences. As far as display is concerned, it is loaded with a big 2.6-inch QVGA million colour display with 3D graphics. There are in-built stereo speakers, a standard 3.5 mm audio jack to give you excellent sound. However, the Nokia N95 comes with substantial memory, but you can also enhance it by using the microSD cards. You can expect quick and easy data transfer, as it is loaded with a mini-USB. Browse Internet comfortably with your Nokia N95. Moreover, to assist you in browsing, there are other compatible tools like a floating toolbar, password manager tools and auto complete feature. Thus, all the essential factors and features merged together to give you an enthralling multimedia experience.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Nokia N-series Mobile Phone Reviews

Nokia N-Series
All the Nokia N-series phones are endowed with multimedia devices that offer unique and unprecedented music experience. The Nokia N73 is also a music edition phone from Nokia N-series mobile phones. Play great music on the go, shoot and share the moment. With 1GB miniSD card, download more and have more fun. The Nokia N73 with 3G technology provides all the smartphone features to suit your personality and make you feel proud.

The Nokia N73 comes in a choice of attractive colours which include silvery grey, deep plum, frost white and metallic red. The handset comes with a large 2.4” TFT colour screen with a 240 x 320 pixel screen resolution. The wide colour screen provides crystal clear effect to the viewer. Enjoy viewing images, video clips and other applications.

Sing and dance with Nokia N73. The handset is loaded with built-in digital music player. Groove the music on the go. Transfer unlimited sound tracks to your phone using Nokia Music Manager Application in the Nokia PC suite. Direct interact with your radio station with Visual Radio and enjoy purchasing tickets and ringtones of your choice. With 1GB miniSD, you have no limitations; download unlimited sound tracks, video clips and images on the go.

Express your photographic skill using an integrated 3.2 mega-pixel camera. This high resolution camera phone with mechanical shutter and auto-focus features ensure that the picture quality will be perfect and without any error. You can also capture motion pictures with MPEG4 video recorder. Save it on your phone and share with your friends using Nokia XpressShare.

The Nokia N73 with 3G technology provides fast Internet and data connectivity. Use Bluetooth, USB and Infra-RED for sharing data to any compatible devices. Download, music, video clips and images anytime-anywhere. Browse the Internet using the internet browser like HTML and XHTML.

If you really like music, this phone could be the best choice for you. Get one and rock the music anytime-anywhere.

Nokia 8800 Mobile Phone

Nokia 8800
Nokia 8800 mobile phone —yet another luxurious and tactile mobile phone from Nokia that comes in silver coloured casing. The handset looks very attractive and slim with slide opening mechanism. Slide the phone and the phone reveals a keypad on the front, turn the phone and you have a camera at the back side of the phone. The handset is endowed with SVGA camera, music player Bluetooth and EDGE technology for fast connectivity. Enjoy the features on the go.

Feel crystal clear view with a TFT 256 colour screen. The screen keeps on displaying even when the phone is in closed position. The Nokia 6800 comes with a SVGA 0.5 mega-pixel camera to capture the moments on the go. You can also record motion pictures, save it on your phone and play back the video over and over again.

The Nokia 8800 comes with a complete set of music player and also integrated with built-in FM radio. So, you have many ways to entertain yourself. Play your favourite music tracks, bands wherever you go. Download funny ringtones which come in different formats such as polyphonic, MIDI, MP3 and AAC formats. Choose a particular ring tone, personalize it and make a difference.

Keep in touch with your friends and family using MMS, SMS, email and instant messaging feature. With instant messaging, you can send texts to your friend if both of you are connected. MMS allows you to share texts, pictures and video clips. The email feature supports SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 email formats and offer a great method to communicate from a mobile handset.

Go wireless with Bluetooth wireless technology. Connect your phone with any compatible devices without using a wire. The built-in EDGE technology provides faster connectivity than GPRS. With tri-band network you stay connected wherever you go as the Nokia 8800 switches automatically between different network bands.

Nokia 8800 provides multifaceted features to impress you. Get one and enjoy.

Nokia 7373 Mobile Phone Deal

Nokia 7373
Fluid form of the Nokia 7373 instills a sense of style. A unique handset to own and use, the Nokia 7373 is fast turning out to be the latest “must-have” for tech-savvy as well as fashion-conscious phone users the world over. And we do not have to go far to search for the reasons for this trend.

Nokia 7373 looks great. The highly functional swivel design becomes all the more attractive with ethnic patterns and cultural depictions on the exterior. The compact form of the handset blends well with beautiful tribal art patterns - together they give the Nokia 7373 a distinct identity of its own. The finely crafted surfaces come with embossed finishing.

This beautifully designed mobile phone is sufficiently intelligent in its capabilities and functions. Music options, imaging capabilities, browsing services and games and applications are a part of this amazing mobile phone model from Nokia.

An integrated 2 megapixel camera can be used to capture impressive images – anytime, anywhere. A 256k TFT color display makes the images all the more vivid and interesting. The latest in polyphonic, mp3 and AAC ringtones can be downloaded and played in the Nokia 7373; the handset can also be used to listen to music with good sound output on the go. This means that with the Nokia 7373 – quite a number of options in entertainment can be explored, depending on the particular mood that the user of this handset finds himself in.

And the best part is the availability of diverse options to choose from. An interested person can go for the Nokia 7373 in bronze black, powder pink or back chrome. One can also download specific graphical themes and customize the handset further according to personal preferences.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nokia N73 Mobile Phone Deals

Nokia N73
Nokia N73 is really a digital power package very well supported by various exciting features. This time, Nokia N-Series added another folio in its enriched bequest. With so much to offer, it would not be fair to call, Nokia N73 a mobile phone rather than a multimedia computer. Yes, these exciting features earned this upright status for the Nokia N73. All the best things very well crystallized together to create a rush for Nokia N73 deals.

Let your inner photographer live with the Nokia N73 to capture the world from different angles. It is loaded with a high quality 3.2-megapixel camera, which comes with Carl Zeiss optics to add desired value to photo quality. Moreover, photography becomes an easy affair for anyone because of its mechanical shutter and advanced auto-focus, which easily reduces the movement distortion. So, easily get all those sharp and vivid images, with each and every detail even in dull or low light conditions. There are other regular features of a camera phone such as review, zoom and slide facility. Just, click, click and treasure your favourite moments.

What would you do after clicking? Of course, you would like to share. Nokia N73 lets you share your pictures easily. All you need to do is to press one key to send, review and to print photos. Moreover, you can also create exciting slideshows by using the pan-and-zoom effects and stereo music. For sharing, user can also take the services of Flickr—the largest photo sharing community. Just upload your photos directly from your Nokia N73 to Flicker website and let your friends see your creative work.

Nokia N73 is endowed with an in-built digital music player to add music in your life. Its stereo speakers can give you that ultimate sound to feel the music. Furthermore, you can make a collection of all your favourite tracks. To get every little detail about the song, you can switch on to visual radio. To increase you music store, you can also use the miniSD memory cards. Just connect yourself with the Nokia N73 and make maximum use of multimedia features.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nokia 6230i Contract Mobile Phone

Nokia 6230i
The Nokia 6230i has an excellent set of features with a 1.3 Mega pixel Camera, a improved display, an exceptionally increased internal memory, Mp3 stereo, browser that supports many html pages, PTT(Push to talk technology) and also a Bluetooth device equipped to rule its own segment. You’ll find the design of Nokia 6230i almost identical to its predecessor. It adds a megapixel camera and push to talk functionality to the highly popular Nokia 6230. The front screen of the Nokia 6230i is larger than the 6230 which makes it easier to see text messages and WAP pages. The handset is well equipped multimedia phone and the call management features include speed dialing up to 9 numbers, last number redial from dialed calls list, call waiting, call hold, call divert, call timer,

For connectivity to other devices such as PCs, PDAs and other phones, the phone supports infrared and Bluetooth. For memory, there is 32MB of internal memory and a 64MB MMC card is included. The high-resolution screen 208 x 208 pixels an ideal backdrop for rich multimedia content. There is 3Xdigital zoom, a video recorder allowing you to record videos of up to one hour, based on the storage of the MMC card. The Nokia 6230i offers a broader feature set in the same classic design.
The user interface is quite fast and there are animated 3D icons, the speakerphone works well and has good volume too. The Nokia 6230i is a pretty well connected phone, setting up for GPRS is very easy. It comes with a fairly extensive set of pre-installed applications. The Nokia 6230i also features a built-in FM radio, for that you need to attach the included headset that functions as the antenna.
We can say that the Nokia 6230i is a phone that would appeal to both business and personal users. It is a powerful handset combined with all the other features

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nokia mobile phones are great option

Nokia Mobile Phones
Nokia mobile phones are a great option for those who want to show their personal style. Attractive design, small size, user friendly interface, latest features are some of the features that Nokia phones possess.
If you are looking for a high quality, lightweight, attractive phone that comes with loads of features, then Nokia mobile phones will not disappoint you. Nokia phones focus on bringing feature rich phones to the global market. They cater for the very diverse set of need, lifestyles and preferences of the consumers.
Nokia phones can be customized to a users’ personal style. They offer changeable faceplates and downloadable ringtones allowing users to show their individual way.

Almost all the latest Nokia phones support features like Bluetooth, Mp3 player, built-in camera, etc. You can now use a single device to do everything from snapping print-quality images, listening to music, reading emails, browsing their favorite websites, watching mobile TV and much more. Nokia phones draw the attention of the consumers at a glance. The latest N series of Nokia multimedia range is styled to meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers. The N90 offers superior quality photography with a possibility to instantly print and share the shots over distances. The Nokia N91 multimedia is the latest device optimized for music which allows the consumers to store up to 3000 songs which makes the Nokia N91 a true mobile jukebox.

So Nokia mobile phones are the perfect choice for consumers who want to have mobility with the latest technologies and great design.