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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nokia 5200: Looks, features extravaganza...

Nokia 5200
Replacing many important gadgets in our lives, the mobile phones have really revolutionised our way of living and we can expect some more changes in the coming times. Offering unlimited features with outstanding capabilities, mobile phones have become the essential factors of our lives and we are relying more on these superb gadgets. Consequently, mobile phones have been becoming more and more sophisticated and allowing us to do many things in the most easiest way. Nokia mobile phone manufacturer is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturer companies, which is known for various cool mobile handsets with loads of amazing features. The Nokia 5200 is another mobile handset from Nokia, with substantial features.

Carrying somewhat enticing looks, the Nokia 5200 is very well complemented by its advanced music and imaging features – all blended perfectly to suit the ever growing needs of the mobile phone users. As such, it is literally impossible to add all the latest features in a mobile handset, but certain specific features can be added to satisfy some of the innumerable users. Flaunting with the interests of the fashion savvy generation and technology conscious class, the Nokia 5200 can be taken as a device with a good balance of basic features. It comes with a slider design, which has become quite common these days, but it does create an impression.

Whether you like to capture all the defining pictures or enticing moving action, you can do it with the Nokia 5200. Thus, you can switch over to landscape camcorder to a video player or to a VGA camera, as per your requirements. Treasure all those funny images of video clips and store them as your beloved memories. You can also add loads of music in your life with its MP3 player, which can play reverberating music. You can also expand its memory by using a replaceable memory card.

Serving various purposes, a mobile phone is not about music or camera only, as it cannot prove a good handset without other important things. Sticking with the rule, the Nokia 5200 allows you to access a whole lot of information from the Internet, as per your needs. Besides, you can also stay ahead with GPRS for unlimited data transfer and also with other features such as Infrared, USB and Bluetooth. Taking care of your various needs, the Nokia 5200 can be your right choice without being so fussy.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Nokia N71: the 3G powerhouse

Nokia N71
Nokia N71 is a high performing clamshell multimedia device of the N series. Based on S60 third edition and Symbian Operating System, the N71 is very compact considering its work in UMTS like video calling. The phone supports tri-band GSM and UMTS networks.

The Nokia N71 looks sturdy with its silver detailing and metallic insertion near the keypad. The keypad too is large enough to avoid wrong key-press unlike small and frustrating 'designer' keypads. The external display with 65K colours produces decent images but does not compare to the primary internal QVGA screen with TFT display that delivers 256K accurate colours and acts as the perfect viewfinder for the in built digital cameras.

The phone have an integrated 2.0 megapixel camera with digital zoom and flash that can work automatically or in anti-red-eye mode for that perfect shot of the world around you. Customizable white balance, exposure value and colour tone and variable shooting mode makes it a pleasure to shoot with the Nokia N71. It also captures high quality footage with 15 frame/sec in mpeg4 format for as long as you don't run out of memory. Nokia N71 have 10 Mb of shared memory and a 128 Mb card is included in the standard pack which is upgradeable up to 2GB. Another VGA camera finds its place above the primary display for video calling. The phone also includes a MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player as well as a FM Radio for your entertainment.

Fastest possible Internet speed through class 10 EDGE/GPRS and 3G (384 kbps) makes surfing and downloading quick and painless. The in built WAP 2.0, xHTML/HTML browser gives access to your desired web content instantly. Wireless connectivity and remote synchronization with any compatible external device through Bluetooth 1.2 and Infrared apart from traditional USB makes data transfer a matter of seconds.

The Nokia N71 with its advanced yet very user friendly multimedia experiences has already proved itself as an essential instrument for mobile living.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nokia N95 Mobile Phone Craze

Nokia N95
Nokia has recently launched a range of multimedia phones in its N-series category. These phones are equipped with great multimedia features and 3G technology. With cutting-edge design and premium features, Nokia N-series phones have got a huge response from the consumers end. In the same series, Nokia launched the most anticipated handset which is the Nokia N95. This handset is one of the best collections in the N-series phones and its worth getting one for your loved ones.

The handset with high end specks and gorgeous look makes a good impression in the very first glance. With two way slider mechanism, you can easily switch between different modes. Slide the phone up and down and access the numeric keypad to explore multimedia and camera features. The handset is power packed with GPS (Global Positioning System), a 5.0 mega-pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics; with 4 GB of hard drive – download unlimited songs, videos and pictures – share your treasured moments with someone you love via blogs, MMS, Bluetooth or, email.

The handset with QVGA 16 million colour screen and 3D graphics – provides a unique platform to view and explore 3G features. You would love to shoot and capture pictures and video. The Nokia N95 with high quality camera ensures excellent quality pictures. With a second VGA camera, you can enjoy video calling – talk and view the person you are talking to. The handset comes with a unique feature i.e., GPS. GPS technology allows you to go anywhere – with a database of almost 100 countries and 15 million points, your phone with navigate you – whenever and wherever you go.

N-series phones are known for its high quality digital sound. The Nokia N95 comes with an integrated music player with support of several music file including MP3 and AAC. Download your favourite sound tracks and enjoy every beats of music on the move. Tune in to your local radio station and enjoy listening all time hit music with your FM radio. With Visual radio, you can interact with your radio station for buying tickets and songs.

The Nokia N95 Smartphone is endowed with smart features and technologies including Bluetooth, EDGE, HSCSD, WLAN Wi-Fi and lots more. This mini camcorder with quad-band connectivity will always let you stay connected – bring this mini camcorder and please your loved ones.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Nokia 3250 Mobile Phone

Nokia 3250 Mobile Phone

The two major competitor in the music phone category are Sony Ericsson with the Walkman phone series and Global leader Nokia with its XpressMusic line of music phones. The Nokia 3250 stands out among all the music phones due to its unusual form factor – a lower rotating block that can be turned a -90 and 270 degrees. The feature list matches the best in the business completed with an optimized media player that is virtually compatible with all formats of media files.

The Nokia 3250 is based on S60 platform on Symbian operating system. The 262,144-color display is based on TFT active matrix for sharper image quality. The rotating block doesn't only give a sense of individuality to the phone, it also makes certain operation very quick. Rotate the block 180 degrees and you'll have the media player activated or 90 and 270 degrees gets the 2.0 megapixel digital camera ready to shoot. The camera shoots videos in 3GP format and includes an enhanced video editor as well.

The optimized media player of Nokia 3250 supports eAAC+, AAC+, M4A, MPEG4, ACC, MP3, MIDI, RealAudio files, WMA and many other formats. Dedicated music keys for play/pause, stop, rewind and forward with the option to create and share playlists makes your music experience with the Nokia 3250 a pleasure. Find out more on artists, albums and tracks while you listen on the Visual Radio. Listen to music on your preferred headphones plugged in the 3.5 mm jack of the Nokia 3250. The have 10 Mb user memory further expandable to up to 2 GB.

Nokia 3250 gives you tri-band GSM coverage and automatically switches between bands. Internet access through GPRS/EDGE (Class 10), WAP 2.0 and xHTML browser gives you faster connection and downloads. Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity for your stereo headset, multiplayer gaming, synchronization, and USB 2.0 for mass storage goes a long way in the phone's usefulness.

The Nokia 3250 will appeal to many across all section of customer due its superior music capabilities and stand out design.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Nokia E61 Mobile Phone

Nokia E61
Nokia E61 is an incredibly slim and unimaginably powerful mobile phone that is optimized for sending and receiving mobile emails. The compelling functionality of the Nokia E61 in this area combined with related business features and functions make the handset invaluable to working professionals and people with busy lifestyles who need to communicate with colleagues and get their work done within the turn around time – irrespective of the circumstances that they are in.

And why just work? Most of us in this busy world need reassurances from our loved ones from time to time. We need to connect with friends, family and other people who matter to us – and the Nokia E61 with its amazing capability to send emails and messages makes this possible.

Emails become more accessible with the Nokia E61. A simple click of a button and you are ready to read your messages on the internet. With the Nokia E61 supporting several mobile email clients such as Nokia Business Center and Seven mobile mail – the process could not get any simpler. As an owner of this mobile Phone, you can send and receive email messages, even when you are in the midst of a call. Scrolling through the messages is easier, faster and more enjoyable – thanks to a large 16 million colour screen. A led indicator light confirms the receipt of a new message.

Sending and receiving emails is not the only area in which the Nokia E61 excels itself. Working professionals, businessmen and others can use the handset to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations; full attachment handling capabilities in the form of PDF viewer and ZIP manager are incorporated in the Nokia E61 for this purpose.

Made of premium metals and precision engineered to perfection, the Nokia E61 looks and feels great. The handset is easy to use; and with 64MB of in-built memory & miniSD card support – there is no dearth of storage space. It can be said that the Nokia E61 is turning out to be an indispensable ally in today's competitive business world.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nokia N80 Mobile Phone

Nokia N80
Nokia recently launched the Nokia N80, the handset with host of features including the seamless home media networking between compatible devices such as TVs, audio systems and PCs. The Nokia N80 keeps a perfect harmony between the work and personal life through productivity tools, great multimedia features, mobile photography and lots more.

The handset weighs only 134 grams, the compact and 3G rich multimedia gadget comes with high performance that provides fast internet accessibility and easy intuitive net browsing. A new multimedia mini computer that provides unparalleled experience of enjoying media as well as the professional goals with equal enthusiasm.

With an excellent mobile photographic tool, the Nokia N80 incorporates a 3.0 mega-pixel camera to capture and share the moments and memories on the go. In addition to the high resolution camera lens, it offers fast and stable camera activation, landscape mode, etc. The N80 also features CIF video capture facility with video stabilization. The handset comes with a large internal memory of 40 MB plus a hot swap miniSD card to expand the memory of up to 2GB. Therefore, the phone provides enough space to store approximately 1000 songs of your choice.

Supported with several music formats including MP3 and AAC, the Nokia N80 is endowed with an integrated music player and stereo FM radio with Visual Radio support. This unique feature provides you an interactive information channel, including the song and artists detail while playing. Moreover, the UPnP technology helps you transfer your favourite music tracks between your phone and a compatible PC. Alternatively, music tracks can also be transferred via USB 2.0 cable.

The quad-band 3G handset enables your phone to virtually connect anywhere in the world. With 3G and EDGE technologies, you can connect and share data in no time. 3G technology provides fast broadband connectivity – send and receive heavy attachments on the go. What's more, the Nokia N80 has lots more to explore.